MAILCOM ’19 Agenda

Monday, April 8, 2019

12:00-6:00pm Conference Registration Hours
1:00-2:00pm Delegate Orientation

2:00-3:00pm Seminars Round One:

MS201: Building a Postal Program from Scratch
LD201: Leadership: Moving Forward
US206: Full Service Mail
SS201: Mail Center Security: No longer an Option, But Necessity
SM401: Emerging Technologies in Mail
SD405: The Dollars In The Data
IM201: Taking the Mystery Out of International Mailing
GM302: Best Practices in Government Mail Management
CU308: College & University Workshop: Issues and Answers

3:15-4:15pm Seminars Round Two:

MS101: Mail Management – The Basics
PM203: The Easiest Way to Save
LD109: Manage Up: Train Your Boss for Greater Operational Success
DP209: Using Inkjet In Print & Mail
DM307: The Importance of Mailpiece Design
SS403: Cyberattacks and How to Defend Against Them
SD201: Top Tips for Cutting Shipping Costs
OS301: Streamline Your Operation For Free!
PD401: What It Takes To Earn CMDSM, CMDSS, OSP or MDC Certifications

4:30-5:30pm Seminars Round Three:

PM201: All About USPS
LD409: Moving from Manager to Leader
DP301: Variable Data Inkjet on Web Offset
DM303: Direct Mail’s Relevance in a Multi-Channel World: Why it is Still the Most Effective
IM301: International Shipping with the USPS
GM204: Service Levels and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
OS203: Digital Mail: Real World Applications in Digitized Distribution
CU301: Best Practices in College & University Mail Management
PD301: The Power of Networking: Benefits of Joining a Membership Association

6:00-7:30pm Opening Reception Exhibition Hall

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

7:00am-5:00pm Conference Registration Hours
7:30-8:45am Continental Breakfast

8:45-9:45am Keynote Presentation:
Business Mailers Update: Inside The USPS
Presented by Bob Galaher and Kathleen Siviter National Association of Presort Mailers

10:00-4:00pm Exhibition Hours

11:00-12:00pm Seminars Round Four:

MS301: Dealing With Today’s Challenges in Mail Management
DP205: Document Printing TCO’s: Comparing Apples, to Oranges, to Pears
US303: Enterprise Payment System, (EPS)
SS305: Advancements in Mail Screening and State of the Art Technologies
SM309: Managing a Successful Outsourcing Partnership
SD401: USPS Package Improvements
IM306: Customs Efficiency for Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction
GM306: Embracing Customer Satisfaction for Improved Service and Efficiency
OS109: Prove the Worth of the Mail Center with Excellent Customer Service

12:00-1:00pm Awards Buffet Luncheon

1:00-2:00pm Featured Sessions:

DP306: Digital Transformation: Using Communication Delivery Hubs with Inkjet Technologies
SS409: New Standards in Facility Security
SM209: Using Robotics & Technology to Streamline Mail and Delivery Operations
CU201: Delivery & Distribution Technology Innovations: Game Changing Solution for Parcel/Mail Delivery

2:15-3:15pm Seminars Round Five:

MS303: Design Basics for an Effective Mail & Distribution Center
PM401: Cycle O is Coming, Be Prepared
LD303: Customer Support = Customer Care
DP303: Managing a High Volume Digital Print and Mail Operation
DM301: Address Quality & Data Management Workshop
SS301: Explosive Trace Detection Technologies: First Line in Protection
SM306: How to Transform Your Mailing Processes
OS401: The Importance of Corporate & Personal Business Ethics
CU209: Personal Impression Management

3:30-4:30pm Seminars Round Six:

MS305: Lowering the Costs of Your Mail Center Operations
LD404: Leadership and Management Success at Every Level
DP309: Thinking About Outsourcing Your Print Production?
US401: Enterprise Postal Governance
SS203: Violence in the Workplace
IM401: Breaking Bad: How the USPS & Commercial Carriers Receive & Transport Deadly Materials
GM105: Communication is Destroying Your Career
OS305: How to Excel and Thrive in Today’s Changing Workplace
PD409: What’s In Your Relationships Tool Box? Metric or S.A.E Tools or Both?

4:45-5:45pm Seminars Round Seven:

PM405: Informed Delivery: Daily Emailed Pictures of Mail & Mailer Opportunities
LD402: A Philosophy in Employee Management
DP201: Print & Postage Trade Secrets that Save Big Bucks
US306: Choosing the Best Move Update Method for Your Mail
SS501: Failure to Communicate: A Case Study on the Letter Bombs
GM109: Government Mail Operations Roundtable
OS309: How to Write Effective Operating Procedures
CU305: Emerging Trends and Technology in College/University Mail Centers
PD309: What is Your Temperature in Networking and Relationship Building?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

7:00am-4:00pm Conference Registration Hours
7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast
9:00-2:00pm Exhibition Hours

8:15-9:15am Seminars Round Eight:

MS209: Tips For Working Effectively with the USPS
PM407: Understanding Address Quality Reporting
LD308: Developing Leadership Skills from Within
DP406: Managing a High Volume Mail Production Environment
US202: USPS 2019 Promotions
SS405: Who Protects Your Mail?
SD301: The Technology Revolution: Coming to a Delivery Network Near You
GM401: Managing With Carrots: Ideas to Motivate
OS209: What Happens to the Midas Touch When it Comes to Customer Services?

9:30-10:30am Featured Sessions:

MS205: Sharpen Your Mail Expertise
DP401: Inkjet Workflows: How to Make Your Work Flow Efficiently
DM109: Mail – The Total Experience
SS401: Security 2019 Issues & Answers, Ask the Experts!

10:45-11:45am Seminars Round Nine:

PM303: Postal Q&A Workshop/Roundtable
LD209: Cultivating Skills to Grow as an Informal Leader
US403: Informed Visibility: Knowing Where Your Mail Is
DM401: Customer Data: Your Greatest Tool or Hindrance?
SS209: Improving Threat Image Projection for X-Ray Systems
SM409: Roadmap to Turn Your Mail Center into a Corporate Necessity!
IM209: International Addressing Requirements for Shipping to Foreign Customers
OS403: Professionalism in Office Service Operations
PD205: Personal Productivity & Time Management: Getting the Most Out of Your Day

11:45-12:15pm Exhibition Free Time

12:30-2:00pm Luncheon Keynote Presentation:
The Future Of Mail: Challenges & Opportunities, Presented by, Tammy Whitcomb, Inspector General of the U.S. Postal Service

2:00-3:00pm Seminars Round Ten:

MS309: Creating a Mail/Delivery Services Operations Guide
PM309: Mail Communications Manager: The Corporate Consultant
LD205: Can You Discipline Without Punishment?
DP404: Best Practices of High Performing Print Shops
SM301: Informed Address: Mail With No Physical Address
SD209: E-commerce Fulfillment & Shipping
GM209: What is Your Voice in the Company? Community vs. Global

3:00pm Final Salute