SS403: Cyberattacks and How to Defend Against Them

Cyberattacks are serious threats to any business, organization or individual, no matter who or what size. These attacks are increasing significantly across all platforms. They can be more than disruptive, they can be very costly and, in some cases, disastrous. If you think they are going to pass you by, think again. However, there is hope from the ravages of ransomeware and identity theft. We will present the various types of attacks, how they work, your best defense and the measures you can take to survive them. We can tell you what your employees need to know to keep the doors closed when the bad guys come knocking and your best DR/BR strategy. No matter how safe you think you are, you need to know the best way to protect your critical data and that of your customers and how to be constantly vigilant toward online threats. Instructor: Jim Barlow, Jr, CMDSM, EMCM, MDP, MDC, President, Mail Systems Management Consultants

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