SM209: Using Robotics & Technology to Streamline Mail and Delivery Operations

Robots, once found primarily in manufacturing are becoming smarter, more interactive, and more adaptive, allowing them to proliferate beyond factories. The mail and delivery distribution industries are ripe for automation of many dull, dirty and dangerous tasks that can be done much more effectively by robots. However, as with most burgeoning technology, sometimes a knowledge gap follows. Companies using robots in their supply chain that may not have the manpower or the know-how to properly service these devices can look outward to different services to interface with and perform preventative maintenance on their robots. These services can also help close the knowledge gap in these new industries by educating existing employees. This session, presented by Dale Walsh, Director of Innovation, Service Advantage, Ricoh USA, Inc. and Ryan Tuohy of Starship Technologies will share details of a successful partnership that demonstrates real-world applications and benefits of robotics in the mailroom and warehouse.

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