Strategic Management Seminars

The following Strategic Management seminars were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Using Robotics & Technology to Streamline Mail and Delivery Operations

Robots, once found primarily in manufacturing are becoming smarter, more interactive, and more adaptive, allowing them to proliferate beyond factories. The mail and delivery distribution industries are ripe for automation of many dull, dirty and dangerous tasks that can be done much more effectively by robots. However, as with most burgeoning technology, sometimes a knowledge gap follows. Companies using robots in their supply chain that may not have the manpower or the know-how to properly service these devices can look outward to different services to interface with and perform preventative maintenance on their robots. These services can also help close the knowledge gap in these new industries by educating existing employees. This session, presented by Dale Walsh, Director of Innovation, Service Advantage, Ricoh USA, Inc. and Ryan Tuohy of Starship Technologies will share details of a successful partnership that demonstrates real-world applications and benefits of robotics in the mailroom and warehouse.


Informed Address: Mail With No Physical Address

The USPS is piloting a platform of new concepts called Informed Address, which enables mail to be sent and delivered without the customer’s physical address. This technology leverages ‘alternative identifiers’ (email address, social media handles, etc.) as a mechanism for Mail Processing and Delivery functions to get mail to its destination while preserving a recipient’s privacy. Informed Address has the potential to serve as the foundation for a wide variety of value-added products for customers – both mailers and consumers – including vanity addresses for businesses, customer targeting through shared preferences, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) services, etc.


Cool Apps for Home and Work

With the endless number of apps available today, it can be an overwhelming task to search and select the ones that can really benefit your work and personal life. Check out some of the apps related to our mailing industry, work and life productivity, travel and other topics! Share your favorites as well! Instructor: Sally Pfabe, Sr. Director, BrightKey, Inc.


How to Transform Your Mailing Processes

Is it really possible to not invest more in your mailing process and save more money while realizing better results? The answer is YES! Join this session and hear how data visibility drives informed decisions. You will learn at least 5 ways to improve your competitive position by transforming your current mailing processes into a more streamlined, efficient one. We will explore all levels of the mailing supply chain, sharing how others made changes that resulted in more streamlined processes and increased cost savings. Be a leader and take the reins of your business to reinvent your mailing methods. Instructor: Arlene Zisow, Vice President Postal Affairs, Royal Alliances


Managing a Successful Outsourcing Partnership

This session will discuss the areas that should be and need to be addressed when managing an outsourcing relationship. Accountability, service levels and key performance indicators will be outline and reviewed as critical components of any third-party agreement. Come and learn what the manager and outsourcer’s responsibilities are in the “relationship” to ensure a successful partnership. Instructors: Amanda Andler, Manager Print Mail Operations, American Modern Insurance Group and Mark Hale, CMDSM, CMDSS, OMG, LLC


Emerging Technologies in Mail

This workshop will provide a review of emerging technologies and how they can be applied to print mail pieces in the future to help drive engagement and response rates. Come and learn how to today’s leverage to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world and realize the benefits through its capabilities. Panel Presentation


Roadmap to Turn Your Mail Center into a Corporate Necessity!

This session will provide the attendee with a view of some of the trends and challenges that impact the job functions and challenges for today’s Mail Managers. Included will be steps to approach change, resources to use in staying ahead of new information and general tips on how to remain the central point of contact for your customers by expanding service capabilities when possible. In addition, there will be some recent information on rates and schedules for increases that will assist in finance and budget preparation. Instructor: Joe Freeman, CMDSM, CDIA+, ECM, AQS, MDC, MDP, Canon Business Process Services, Inc.