DP401: Inkjet Workflows: How to Make Your Work Flow Efficiently

Production inkjet presses workflows can bring new opportunities and new challenges to your business. These new challenges require new workflows, tools, and ideas to help increase volume, optimize production, and maximize profits. This interactive session will address many of the issues that affect these new world requirements and workflows. Some of the topics of discussion will include: 1) How can you drive more work into the company and optimize your production workflows? 2) Workflow formats can make a difference: AFP vs. PDF; 3) · Dynamic content opportunities and challenges; 4) How can you address document security, complacency and validation concerns? 5) How do you mitigate increased mailing costs?; 6) How can you automate and track and manage output? Presented by David Zwang, Chairman of the GWG (Ghent Workgroup)

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