Print-Mail Production Seminars

The following Print-Mail Production Seminars were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Print & Postage Trade Secrets that Save Big Bucks

This session will provide insight into the outside of the box solutions that have proven to generate millions in savings in large print mail operations. The purpose of this course is to discuss options to drive savings after addressing low hanging fruit. Attendees can expect to receive a better understanding of how materials and processing can be manipulated to improve the bottom line. Instructor: Amanda Andler, Manager of Print Mail Operations, American Modern Insurance Group


Document Printing TCO’s: Comparing Apples, to Oranges, to Pears

How do you compare TCO’s to choose between cut sheet laser printing, continuous feed laser printing, cut sheet ink jet printing, or continuous feed ink jet printing between multiple vendors? Come and learn how one company did it. Instructor: Thad Weikal, CMDSM, Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Using Inkjet In Print & Mail

This session will be an overview of all the different types of inkjet printing systems and how they relate to the mailing and printing industries in an effort to inform and educate the attendee in deciding which is the best solution for them. Participants will learn the 3 types of inkjet systems including the science behind them as well as the pros and cons of each. Photos and videos of existing mailing operations will be included as well as a question and answer period. Instructor: Jim Williams, Director of Marketing, Kirk-Rudy, Inc.


Variable Data Inkjet on Web Offset

This session will inform attendee on how variable data inkjet printing can be applied to existing web offset printing operations. Photos, videos and interviews of previous installations will be presented. Instructor: Philip Zannella, Account Manager, OAM Equipment Solutions


Managing a High Volume Digital Print and Mail Operation

The session will provide information on Inkjet Printing, Post Processing products and what is now possible with personalization in mailing. The session will also provide tips on workflow, shift turnovers, equipment maintenance and more. It will provide information on keeping employees focused and understanding the importance of their work to their company and the customers they serve. Instructor: Larry Durso, Consultant


Digital Transformation: Using Communication Delivery Hubs with Inkjet Technologies

Production inkjet technology is the latest catalyst for digital transformation for traditional print operations. Learn how HM Document Solutions is continuing to make the digital transformation of their traditional in-plant print operation offerings into a true customer communications delivery hub and Center of Excellence utilizing CCM software and inkjet technologies. Presented by Jason Fonner, Director, Commercial Markets for HM Document Solutions and Susan Cotter, Senior Analyst for Madison Advisors The session will explain how the confluence of exceptional new customer communication management (CCM) tools, advanced workflow management software, and leading-edge document delivery systems are creating the perfect storm for digital transformation. Take advantage of the experience and successes of HM Document Solutions in their journey to implement new technologies for Customer communications and inkjet and “win back” business from internal departments from 3rd party suppliers.


Thinking About Outsourcing Your Print Production?

Come and hear from the trenches the real life considerations you need to keep in mind when considering outsourcing your print production operations – the multitude of workflows, processes and functions across an enterprise that need to be involved in the decisions. Instructors: Christine Erna and Mark Rheaume


Inkjet Workflows: How to Make Your Work Flow Efficiently

Production inkjet presses workflows can bring new opportunities and new challenges to your business. These new challenges require new workflows, tools, and ideas to help increase volume, optimize production, and maximize profits. This interactive session will address many of the issues that affect these new world requirements and workflows. Some of the topics of discussion will include: 1) How can you drive more work into the company and optimize your production workflows? 2) Workflow formats can make a difference: AFP vs. PDF; 3) · Dynamic content opportunities and challenges; 4) How can you address document security, complacency and validation concerns? 5) How do you mitigate increased mailing costs?; 6) How can you automate and track and manage output? Presented by David Zwang, Chairman of the GWG (Ghent Workgroup)


Best Practices of High Performing Print Shops

Many printing and marketing service providers are challenged with applying best practices to improve performance. We will take a peek within the industry to see what best practices are being deployed. Instructor: Floyd Creecy, CMDSM, EMCM, MDC, HeiTECH Services, Inc.


Managing a High Volume Mail Production Environment

The challenge has never been greater to manage your high volume mail environment. Between complex regulations and the need to present content the way your customer wants to see it is changing. What are you doing to comply? Have you thought about the impact of Americans With Disabilities (ADA section 508)? Redaction? We will look into these changes and how we have to rethink our printing and mailing operations. In the past deploying a new Automated Document Factory (ADF) was a 7-figure investment, now the investment is much lower and the productivity gains, are much higher. How will we cope with the dynamics of a changing demographic on how mail is received! There are many ways to accomplish the end result. Join us as we explore the opportunities that exist today t o give your customer the customer experience they expect from you. Instructor: David Day, EDP, Senior Architect and Engineer, Solimar Systems, Inc.