Management Certificate Program & Professional Certification Opportunities

MAILCOM certification and management certificate programs take your achievements and raise them to the professional standard of the industry. All programs are Board certified and guaranteed to make a difference in your management career. You can earn professional certification through the CMDSM, CMDSS, and MCOM programs. And, you can earn Management Certificates in specific areas of study.

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Management Certificate Program

Come to MAILCOM and earn a Management Certificate in one of a dozen-plus areas of specialized study. Delegates who attend at least five (5) sessions within each Certificate Track, plus the designated keynotes, and have their participation certified by the proctor will receive a certificate signifying completion.

Full conference registrants can receive two certificates. The same rules apply as working towards one certificate. Past conference attendees can use previous credits towards a certificate if they submit the partially completed form with the appropriate proctor validation stamps for the same discipline.

In 2022 the following management certificates will be available:

Office Service Professional Certification (OSP)

The Office Service Professional Certification (OSPC) is a new training and certification process for individuals involved with domestic and international mail, administrative services, distribution, logistics, shipping/receiving, communications and more.

The certification program is being offered through to MSMA with the Association of Office Service Professionals. For more information click here.

MCOM Master Certification for Mail Professionals

The Master Certification in Mail Communications, MCOM program is specifically designed for those advanced managers who have earned MAILCOM Certificates, CMDSM, CMDSS, CMM, EMCM, and other professional programs. MCOM Master Certification is issued upon completion of the entire Certificate Program. All managers who earn the requisite certificates can receive the MCOM designation.

CMDSM and CMDSS Certifications

Celebrating its 32nd year of service to the industry, the CMDSM program offers serious professionals the chance to earn their professional credentials. Since 1989 the Mail Systems Management Association has acted as the certifying agency for the mail systems profession. Today hundreds of professionals have earned their CMDSM credentials through the intensive certification program administered by the MSMA.National Certification Week has been designated the week of MAILCOM by the Mail Systems Management Association.

Every qualified manager, who has been pre-approved by the MSMA, can take the written final exam at MAILCOM to earn the designation “Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager” (CMDSM). The MSMA will also be offering CMDSS certification during MAILCOM. Qualifying suppliers interested in earning their “Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Supplier” (CMDSS) credentials are invited to submit an application.

For details on CMDSM and CMDSS certifications call 1-800-714-MSMA or click here for CMDSM application and information.

Mailpiece Design Consultant (MDC)

MDC Professional Certification is offered at the Spring and Fall conferences. MDC Certification focuses on everything mail including; classes of mail, mail-piece design, commercial mail preparation/requirements, extra services and more…. This is a great opportunity for you to add even more value to your organization… along with a new certification to your resume!

The MDC workshop & exam schedule is posted about 90 days prior to the conference. A review session is followed by the opportunity to immediately take the open-book exam! The fee for this event is $60 for MSMA members and $75 for non-MSMA members and includes the review session, refreshments and the exam.

To earn your MDC credentials sign-up now at MDC Certification. For additional program details and a copy of the Study Guide, visit the MSMA website at www.msmanational.org.

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