Education & Training


Empower Your Organization: Expert-Led Sessions Give You The Knowledge To Succeed

MAILCOM offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops on all aspects of mail communications and distribution. Sessions are grouped into educational tracks and run throughout the conference, enabling attendees to attend sessions in different tracks.

All course materials are included in the registration fee. Session postings for each track are made several months before each conference and listed under sessions.

Education tracks include:

Mail Systems Management

The core courses every mail manager needs — including budgeting and operations management — are featured in this track of seminars. Mail center design, operational best practices, quality control, service measurement, marketing within the organization, and many other issues are detailed.

Postal Mail Management

The latest postal rates, regulations, and management strategies are presented by industry and postal officials. Areas of focus include: new postal regulations; how to cut postage costs; leveraging IMB, designing mail for savings; eDocs & PostalOne; and more.

Full Service/Mailer’s Scorecard

Beginning in November of 2016, the Postal Service is assessing monthly financial penalties on mailers whose Full Service automation mailings fall below standards. These seminars give you the nuts and bolts on Intelligent Mail Full Service, the Mailer’s Scorecard, and penalty assessments if your mailings fail to meet standards — and how to avoid paying penalties on your mailings.

Direct Mail Days

A symposium of seminars focus on innovative direct mail management and the technology and materials revolutionizing direct mail. Inkjet technology, postal strategies, new mail design and materials, postal promotions and more will be featured. The Postal Service’s Irresistible Mail campaign will be detailed as well as how your difrect mail can be part of the revolution.

Leadership/Staff Development

These sessions — some of the most popular at MAILCOM — show you how to be a more effective leader and team builder. Leadership starts with you and these sessions will show you the secrets of leadership; how to build teams; best practices of great leaders; how to manage diversity; and staff development.

Mail Printing & Processing

The latest technology and strategies for printing and processing mail are featured in these seminars. You will also identify key technology and work process benchmarks for document production. Expert insights provided on new technology; digital printing; transactional mail; workflow management; quality control; paper/envelope issues; and system design.

College & University Management

These seminars show you how the experts manage campus mail services in the education environment. Top C&U professionals discuss cross training staff; student resources; managing Contract Postal Units; measuring performance; improving productivity; cost cutting ideas; eco-friendly management; and overcoming challenges.

Address/Data Management

These sessions detail the systems, tools, and strategies for managing your mailing addresses and database in compliance with Postal Service requirements. You will learn how to improve address quality; correct addresses; maximize vendors; stop undeliverable mail; and more.

Government Mail Management

The unique challenges and opportunities for government mail managers are discussed in this track of seminars. These sessions show you how to: enhance staff training; develop compliant security; cope with budget constraints; re-engineer government print-mail operations; comply with federal regulations; and identify best practices.

Security 2017

These expert-led seminars show you how to secure your facility and protect your employees. You will learn new security strategies; how to identify threats; security technology; mail screening best practices; disaster recovery; facilities security; and safety issues.You can earn Security 2017 management certificate upon completion of this sessions.

Women in Management

Women face unique challenges in management and these seminars are designed to help women break through and succeed. You will learn: powerful communication skills; interpersonal skills; overcoming challenges; how to break the glass ceiling; and getting what you’re worth.

Incoming Mail, Digital Mail & Office Services

Effective management of inbound mail, packages, and remittances will be detailed in these seminars. Strategies are detailed for digital mail; mail sorting; internal delivery; measuring performance; right-sizing operations; controlling costs; managing courier operations; and more. Plus sessions on office services management are discussed with an eye on improving services and lowering costs.

International Mail

These seminars detail international mail standards and options available for cost-effective distribution. Addressing challenges, postal regulations, terminal dues and other subjects are covered.

Professional Development

These sessions detail the various professional certification programs and their requirements. MCOM Certification, CMDSM Certification, CMDSS Certification will be reviewed as well as networking strategies, effective communication techniques, and professional opportunities.