How To Run The Company’s Mailroom (Professionally)

The Corporate Mailroom has a direct impact on the company’s bottomline. So, is yours professionally managed?

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Often the butt of jokes, the company “mailroom” is often assumed to be a low technology department for entry-level employees, of little importance to profitability.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The corporate mailrooms of today are high-tech driven with professional managers who must know numerous disciplines to successfully sort, print, mail and distribute the incoming and outgoing communications of the company.

Modern mailrooms are the critical link between the company and customers in everything from sales to product fulfillment, to billing and receivables.

Modern mailroom managers must be leaders, as they are often responsible for supervisors and clerks who operate the department.

And, modern mailroom managers must be up on the latest postal regulations and mailing technology. Postage and courier costs can run into the millions, with a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

That’s where MAILCOM comes in.

For 40 years, MAILCOM has served as the educational and professional certification authority for mail, document, and distribution managers. Executives, managers and supervisors learn how to do more with less with best management practices and key performance indicators.

MAILCOM 2023 will be held October 2-4 at the Resorts in Atlantic City. It will feature over 70 educational sessions, keynotes, and exhibitions. MAILCOM is sponsored by the Mail Systems Management Association and MAIL Magazine.

Management Certificate programs are available in 12 educational tracks including: