Direct Mail Management

The following educational seminars and workshops will be presented at MAILCOM ’22, October 3-5, 2022:


Understanding Address Quality Reporting

An in-depth review of the CASS and NCOA reports. Understanding the various Footnote codes and the recommended actions to take in managing your data. Instructors: Christine Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions LLC and Mark Rheaume, Ricoh Digital Services

Wednesday, October 5 – Round Seven, 1:15-2:15pm


Customer Data: Your Greatest Tool or Hindrance?

In today’s economy customer data should be KING. Yet, with approximately forty million Americans moving annually it can also be your greatest challenge. Learn which tips and tricks can help ensure the integrity of your organization’s data. This session will talk about the various data sources and techniques beyond address correction that are available to you; managing multiple address types, to address, email, and phone verification to better refine your mailing lists and focus in on reaching your ideal customer. Instructors: Christine Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions LLC and Mark Rheaume, Ricoh Digital Services

Wednesday, October 5 – Round Eight, 2:30-3:30pm


Eliminating Multi-Million Losses in Third Party Marketing Operations

Clinical financial analysis, in easily understood terms, is used to explain why current business processes related to third party marketing operations for large mass mailers result in multi-million profit shortfalls and multi-hundreds of million-dollar shortfalls of capital value. Standard pricing policies are shown to be the root cause of the systemic, “baked in”, inefficiency of current third-party marketing operations. Improved pricing policies are shown to eliminate these inefficiencies and unrealized profits. Should these pricing policy changes occur, sophisticated optimization software can solve the profit maximization problem under current technology in the short run and fund further profit improving technology in the long run. A demo of the software solution for 1.5 million recipients with 200 possible inserts is part of the demo. Instructor: Jim Enright, Critical Decision Systems

Monday, October 3 – Round Two, 3:15-4:15pm


Print Tips for Marketing to the Baby Boomers

Today when harnessing print’s potential, marketing to millennia’s boosts engagement. Because many marketing campaigns in print are targeted towards millennia’s, marketers need to practice a few techniques to get print promotions toward Boomers right. Speaking to the Boomer through print, marketers must appeal to them. Join us as we review some rare practices to gain that market share you might be missing. Instructor: Floyd Creecy, CMDSM, MDC, HeiTech Services

Tuesday, October 4 – Round Six, 3:50-4:50pm


Creating a Winning Informed Delivery Campaign

Informed Delivery gives mailers the opportunity to make their mail more effective by adding impressions to every mailing campaign. The delivery of an informed Delivery ad can boost response and interest, as well as giving prospects another avenue of response. This workshop will discuss how to create an Informed Delivery campaign beyond the USPS portion. How and why to create special web links, customized web landing pages, and how to use a unique URL for each piece to personalize the message your prospects see – in every mailbox they open. There will also be a discussion on how to measure response far beyond visits and click-through rates. Attendees will leave this workshop with all the tools they need to create their own campaign both within ID and online, and how to measure and optimize results. Instructor: Dave Lewis, SnailWorks

Monday, October 3 – Round One, 2:00-3:00pm