Office & Customer Services Management

The Spring 2023 educational seminars and workshops to be posted.

The following were presented at MAILCOM ’22 Fall Conference:


Creating a Office Services User’s Guide

One of the most difficult challenge any operation faces is communicating to the company what services are provided and a service standard for each. Developing and publishing a Standard Operating Procedures manual for mail and delivery services is critical to its success and to ensure that every employee has a document of services rendered. It also benefits in the training process of new employees to learn how things are done and how to operate all the equipment located in the operation center. If you ever considered or are looking at creating an operations guide then this session is for you. Instructor: Joe Freeman, CMDSM

Monday, October 3 – Round Two, 3:15-4:15pm


Successful Workplace Communication

Communications is a vital part of what we do in the workplace. Whether we are giving instructions, interacting with a customer, or sharing our ideas with a supervisor, communicating both verbally and non-verbally is critical to our success. You will evaluate your own communication styles and explore methods and techniques for improving your personal communication effectiveness. Communication is a process that enables you to share information, deliver ideas, and interact with other individuals. How effectively you are able to communicate has a direct impact on your success. It plays a role in how well you work with team members, how effectively you deliver service to the customers, and how you share your thoughts and ideas. . Instructors: Mark Kremen, MS and Robert “Bob” Kane, Training Unlimited, LLC

Wednesday, October 5 – Round Eight, 2:30-3:30pm


Professionalism in Office Service Operations

This session will review in depth the do’s and don’ts of presenting yourself to be successful in today’s business world. The materials go far beyond appearance to provide insight into elements we are all judged upon each day to include business etiquette, accountability, integrity and more. Instructor: Margie Mitchell, CMDSM, DHL eCommerce Solutions

Tuesday, October 4 – Round Five, 2:40-3:40pm


Virtual Team Building and Management Workshop

Working from home has become very common recently. Virtual workers can be found in almost all lines of work. With a global workforce you are provided with a cost effective and talented pool of employees to draw from. A virtual team provides a Follow the Sun production environment. Providing support to customers anywhere, anytime. Managing your employees all over the globe, or all over the state can be challenging. Instructors: Floyd Creecy, CMDSM, MDC, HeiTech Services and Barbara Fahy, MDC, ASOP, MSMA

Tuesday, October 4 – Round Four, 1:30-2:30pm


Customer Service Program, Making WAVES

WAVES stands for We All Value Exceptional Service, which is the foundation for every successful business. As the public continues to raise its service expectations, it is critical to ensure that everyone in the organization has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be an exceptional service provider. Topics covered are: Identifying the Importance of Service; Lighting Your Way to Exceptional Service; Dealing with Difficult Behaviors; Listening Skills: Hearing & Understanding Your Customer. Instructors: Mark Kremen, MS and Robert “Bob” Kane, Training Unlimited, LLC

Wednesday, October 5 – Round Seven, 1:15-2:15pm