Advanced & Strategic Management

The following educational seminars and workshops will be presented at MAILCOM ’22, October 3-5, 2022:


Roadmap to Turn Your Mail Center into a Corporate Necessity!

This session will provide the attendee with a view of some of the trends and challenges that impact the job functions and challenges for today’s Mail Managers. Included will be steps to approach change, resources to use in staying ahead of new information and general tips on how to remain the central point of contact for your customers by expanding service capabilities when possible. In addition, there will be some recent information on rates and schedules for increases that will assist in finance and budget preparation. Instructor: Joe Freeman, CMDSM

Tuesday, October 4 – Round Four, 1:30-2:30pm


Leadership and Management Success at Every Level

An interactive journey into the heart of leadership where you will learn it’s OK to have a little fun at work. You will learn how to establish an internal mentoring program and how leaders can utilize the simple principles behind the ABC’s of leadership to become more successful. Instructor: Margie Mitchell, CMDSM, DHL eCommerce Solutions

Monday, October 3 – Round Three, 4:30-5:30pm


Building & Maintaining a Postal Program

This session will focus on the many resources available to those in the industry who are charged with running a postal relations program within your organization. With resources from USPS, industry vendors, association groups, MTAC, industry members and additional sources this workshop will be invaluable to you and your company. Instructor: Bob May, OSG Billing Services

Wednesday, October 5 – Round Eight, 2:30-3:30pm