2017 Postal Rates & Regulations Sessions & Workshops

Get the latest postal rate and regulation news at MAILCOM ’17 to minimize impacts on your mail and distribution operation. Postage rates will go up 2.15% the minute the Postal Reform Act is signed into law. This as well as the PRC review of the rate-setting process could have big impacts on your postage budget.

Top postal officials and leading mail and distribution managers give you the latest information on a wide range of mailing issues, including:

— 2017 Postage Rate Hikes;

— Full Service/Mailer Scorecard;

— Penalty Assessments for not meeting standards;

— Postal regulation compliance issues;

— Postal promotion incentives that will save you money;

— The latest Marketing Mail regulations, including the continuing use of Standard Mail on your mailings;

— Postage rates changes to expect in 2017;

— Rate and classification changes that will impact your bottom line;

— Informed Visibility and mail tracking systems;

— Sizing your mail to save money;

— PRC possible changes to postage rate setting and how it will impact your operations;

— Informed Delivery and how you can use it in your operation.

— And lots more! Seminar categories include (click for courses):

Mail Systems Management
Security 2017
Address/Data Management
Full Service/Mailer’s Scorecard
Mail Printing & Processing
Postal Mail Management
Direct Mail Days
Women In Management
Leadership/Staff Development
Incoming Mail, Digital Mail & Office Services
Professional Development
College & University
International Mail
Government Mail Management

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