Alison Hall, General Manager, Lineage

Alison Hall, General Manager, Lineage will be speaking at MAILCOM ’18 during a general session workshop April 9-11, 2018 in Philadelphia.

Her subject: Engaging Mail in the 21st Century

Session description:

Mail remains the highest rated marketing channel for return in investment. When additional channels of email and mobile are added to direct mail, campaign results increase by 45%. Technology is the key to keeping mail relevant and exciting.

In this session you will learn different ways to keep mail engaging with the use of technology such Augmented Reality, Digital Print, mobile and IP targeting, and more. Topics covered include: Marketing yesterday and today; Multi-channel vs omnichannel campaigns; Digital and physical technology that makes your mail Irresistible.

You will also learn what makes mail important to each generation, identify & understand the differences between the generations and technology and ideas to tailor your mail to drive improved responses.

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