MAILCOM ’18 Keynotes

You don’t want to miss these three, insightful keynote presentations at MAILCOM ’18, April 9-11 including:

The Future of Paper & Print

Presented By Daniel Dejan
Print/Creative Manager, Sappi Fine Paper

Daniel Dejan

Educator, designer, mentor and lover of all things graphic arts, Daniel Dejan has been an evangelist for the power of paper and print for the span of his career. He is the face of the etc (education-training-consulting) Group at Sappi Fine Paper North America and brings to MAILCOM over 40 years of industry experience.

His presentation looks at the print and digital worlds and their merger to create new communications technology. What is the future of paper and print and mail? Daniel Dejan knows and you will too after this keynote presentation.

Embrace Technology or Be Left Behind

Presented By Richard Gebbie
CEO, Midwest Direct
The modern mail service provider industry is now a high-tech business. Are we embracing technology as fully as we could be? I believe many of us are not. There are two roads mail service providers can go down. The first road involves fully embracing modern technology and using it to its maximum potential. On the second road, these advancements are ignored in favor of doing the job the old-fashioned way. One will lead to higher-quality mailings and increased profitability, and one will lead to ruin.

Embracing technology is more of a philosophy that you adopt rather than a set list of practices to follow. With that being said, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to see if you’re on the high-tech road that will lead you to prospering in today s mail service provider environment.


Making Sense of the New Postal Regulations

Presented By Michael Plunkett
President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Postal Commerce


The Postal Regulatory Commission has proposed sweeping changes to postal regulations. The new rules could have a profound impact on the Postal Service and the entire mailing industry. Michael Plunkett knows this subject well. A former postal executive, today he is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Postal Commerce (Postcom).

Come and explore the newly proposed rate-setting system and how it will affect consumer and business users of the mail.

And More …

In addition to the keynotes, attendees will hear General Session Workshops from four industry leaders. Click here for information.