MAILCOM ’18 Workshops

MAILCOM ’18 features general session workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday including:

Embrace Technology or Be Left Behind

Presented By
Richard Gebbie, CEO, Midwest Direct


The modern mail service provider industry is now a high-tech business. Are we embracing technology as fully as we could be? I believe many of us are not. There are two roads mail service providers can go down. The first road involves fully embracing modern technology and using it to its maximum potential. On the second road, these advancements are ignored in favor of doing the job the old-fashioned way. One will lead to higher-quality mailings and increased profitability, and one will lead to ruin.

Embracing technology is more of a philosophy that you adopt rather than a set list of practices to follow. With that being said, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to see if you’re on the high-tech road that will lead you to prospering in today s mail service provider environment.

Engaging Mail in the 21st Century

Presented By Alison Hall, Product Manager, Direct Mail Solutions
Pitney Bowes Presort Services


Mail remains the highest rated marketing channel for return in investment. When additional channels of email and mobile

are added to direct mail, campaign results increase by 45%. Technology is the key to keeping mail relevant and exciting.

In this session you will learn different ways to keep mail engaging with the use of technology such Augmented Reality, Digital Print, mobile and IP targeting, and more. Topics covered include: Marketing yesterday and today; Multi-channel vs omnichannel campaigns; Digital and physical technology that makes your mail Irresistible.

You will also learn what makes mail important to each generation, identify & understand the differences between the generations and technology and ideas to tailor your mail to drive improved responses.

Today’s Workshare and Beyond: The Benefits of Outsourcing and Co-Everything!

Presented By
Bob Galaher, Executive Director, National Association of Presort Mailers


Not only have the 2018 price changes impacted the benefits of obtaining workshare discounts, the growth in technology and collaboration within the mailing industry supply chain are bringing even more benefits to the workshare environment.

Join the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) and learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your mailing operations, what types of workshare discounts can bring the greatest value in today’s price structure, and how Intelligent Mail Full-Service data may change the shape of workshare discounts in the future.

Discover the co-opportunities that can bring even more mail into workshare discount categories and help streamline mail quality and operational efficiency. Commingling letter mailings continues to bring new opportunities for both mail owners and mail service providers. This session will highlight the latest trends, potential new workshare horizons, and more!

Carpe Diem! Time to Transform Your Enterprise Mail Operations into a Customer Communications Center of Excellence

Presented By
Gary Simpson, Vice President, Madison Advisors
and Jason Fonner, Director, Print Operations, Highmark Health Solutions


There has never been a better time for Enterprise In-Plant print and mail operations to grab the brass ring and transform themselves into a true customer communications delivery hub and Center of Excellence. Join Gary and Jason as they explain how the confluence of exceptional new CCM tools, advanced workflow management software, and leading edge document delivery systems is creating the perfect storm for digital transformation.

Understand the process required for print and mail providers to re-platform and transform their operations from traditional mailers to a dynamic full service CCM Center of Excellence. Is it your time to seize this opportunity?

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In addition to the General Session Workshops, attendees will also hear three keynote presentations from industry leaders. Click here for information.