College & University Management

The following College & University Management sessions were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Delivery & Distribution Technology Innovations: Game Changing Solution for Parcel/Mail Delivery

East Tennessee State University has been a leader and innovator in the area of mail delivery at higher education mail centers. ETSU has worked very closely with its business partner Telezygology Inc. to come up with innovative technologies to provide the total solution to the mail delivery problem many institutions around the country are struggling to solve. ETSU was able to remove all 8,700 traditional style mailboxes and replace it with its one of a kind smart mailbox system reducing the square footage required by over 90 percent. The presentation will discuss the many advantages of the smart mailboxes over the traditional type mailboxes. Areas covered will include 24/7 access, reduced processing time, elimination of mail delivery errors and lost mail, and manpower savings. This new system provides integration between the smart mailboxes, smart lockers, smart mailroom and its mobile app. At a time when every mail center is facing the issues of reducing space, cutting costs and personnel issues, this solution addresses these issues while increasing efficiency and customer service. This solution addresses the issues of mail that is too large to go into the lockers or mailboxes, disposition of undeliverable mail such as return to sender and forwarded mail. Another area covered is the way the system significantly reduces the mail in the mail center and the area needed to store the mail. Instructor: Don McCarty, Director, Postal, Passports & Printing, East Tennessee State University


Personal Impression Management

You only get one chance to make a First Impression. Learn tips and tricks for managing and presenting yourself with a professional persona. Instructors: Christine Erna and Mark Rheaume


Best Practices in College & University Mail Management

Join your fellow mail center managers and learn how to leverage today’s technology to improve service and reduce costs. From data collection to mail & parcel delivery see how by partnering with USPS you can deliver first class service to all your customers.


Emerging Trends and Technology in College/University Mail Centers

This session will cover the emerging trends and the use of technology in the University Mail Centers. The purpose is highlight processes and services that each mail center can take advantage of to reduce space, cut costs, increase revenue and services. Many Higher Ed Mail Centers are under pressure to be more productive while requiring a smaller footprint with less staff. Covered in this sessions are topics like Smart lockers, Smart Mailboxes, Smart Folders, Informed Delivery, Track-N-Trace, Passports and Photos, Wide format Printing, Electronic Certified mail, UPS Shipping Discounts, and Shipping Insurance. Several of the items covered are processes or equipment that ETSU pioneered and successfully implemented in its mail center. Instructor: Don McCarty, Director, Postal, Passports & Printing, East Tennessee State University


College & University Workshop: Issues and Answers

Come join this panel of industry veterans as they share with you their secrets for saving money and improving departmental services. Learn how the communications you provide to your campus community is critical to your department s success and see the benefits of developing and establishing training seminars & workshops for your customers.


Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

We all deal with multiple generations in the workforce. Today’s logistics industry (printing, mailing and shipping) is made up of members of every generation, each of whom are influenced and empowered by different motives and different styles of management. In some cases the generations use the English language in different ways. Even from a peer-to-peer perspective, working with various generations poses many challenges. Join this fun, open discussion on understanding the generations and how to manage and operate effectively in the new millennium of today’s workforce.