Shipping & Distribution Seminars

The following Shipping & Distribution seminars were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Top Tips for Cutting Shipping Costs

Are you getting the best rates for your shipping services? Or is the business down the road paying a lot less for the same services? The fact is businesses that do not aggressively manage their express and package shipments are losing thousands of dollars a year. Come hear this panel of experts share some little known secrets for cutting FedEx, UPS and other shipper’s costs. Instructor: Margie Mitchell, CMDSM, Enterprise Account Manager, UPS Mail Innovations


E-commerce Fulfillment & Shipping

Fulfillment and shipping are often the final and most important touch points when it comes to the customer experience. It’s critical to adopt a process and implement current technology to streamline costs and meet the ever rising customer expectations. Come and see how you can reduce errors, reduce costs and exceed customer expectations.


The Technology Revolution: Coming to a Delivery Network Near You

AI, GIS, GPS, geocodes, drones, robots, autonomous vehicles, dynamic delivery, tracking individual items, QR codes on mail, new and more barcodes… We’ll define what these are and look at their impact on the delivery systems we all use for our mail and packages. And discuss what we all need to do to meet the challenges of these coming changes. Instructor: Merry Law, President, WorldVu LLC


USPS Package Improvements

The Postal Service is modernizing the payment, acceptance and verification process for commercial packages. Launching now for USPS Automated Returns, the customer experience will be transformed by providing package level details in near real-time, based on attributes captured by package processing equipment. Return packages will be automatically paid from the customer’s Enterprise Payment System (EPS) account when delivered. Visibility to pricing and payment is available through IV-MTR and online through the EPS portal. In the next phase, outbound packages will be incorporated, with all packages being validated in the same consistent manner, regardless of commercial payment method. The modernized Package Platform’s improved package level detail and visibility will provide transparency into verifications and assessments.


The Dollars In The Data

Traditionally carriers have had an information advantage in their contract negotiations with shippers. This session will show you how to mitigate the Business Intelligence advantage that your carriers have. You will learn the best sources for information and how to overcome challenges in capturing this vital data. This session will identify the essentials for development of a contract negotiation strategy. You will also learn how to use data on an ongoing basis to better manage and control your shipping costs. Instructor: Harold Friedman, Sr. V.P. Global Corporate, Data2Logistics, LLC