Professional Development Seminars

The following Professional Development seminars were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Understanding the Benefits, Pitfalls and Challenges of Social Media

Are you overwhelmed in wading through the avalanche of social media outlets?  Are you struggling to understand the best practices for using social media for business purposes?  Are you confused as to what is acceptable or not in your personal social media accounts?  These issues and more are addressed in this informative presentation.


Personal Productivity & Time Management: Getting the Most Out of Your Day

How many times have you said “So much to do, so little time”? In this technological age we are all challenged to do more with less. Managing our time can be a stressful situation. Come and learn how to balance your work/life issues, identify urgent vs. non-urgent and important vs. non-important tasks, and identifying your personal goals. Attendees will come away with proven techniques for effective time management and an awareness of individual beliefs and behaviors on how to be more effective/productive in managing your time. Instructor: Barbara Fahy, MSMA National President


The Power of Networking – Benefits of Joining a Membership Association

The definition of Networking is developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact. The ability to network is one of the most crucial skills any individual can have. What does a good networker do? Do you belong to a Membership Association (MSMA, NACUMS, NAPM,DMA,SHRM)? This interactive session will share the benefits of belonging to a Membership Association. Not only will you have access to networking with industry professionals but learning/educational opportunities to enhance your career! Panel will consist of Association Executives in the Mailing/Office Services/Distribution/Facilities industries


What is Your Temperature in Networking and Relationship Building?

If you are not at 212 degrees in both of these areas, you may not reach the potential goal you are seeking in your career. This session will help you identify problem areas, guide you through some pitfalls and show you how to raise your professional temperature to get your career cooking. Instructor: LaChelle Bynum, EMCM


What It Takes To Earn CMDSM, CMDSS, OSP and MDC Certification

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Certification is the key. The session begins with a brief discussion of the Mailpiece Design Consultant (MDC) certification program. It continues by outlining the process, including the requirements and procedures mail center managers or suppliers can follow to earn their professional credentials. This course is a must for those seeking to achieve the highest professional standard in the industry Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager, (CMDSM) and Certified Mail, Distribution Systems Supplier, (CMDSS) and the new Office Service Professionals Certification (OSPC). Presented by a panel of certified managers.


What’s In Your Relationships Tool Box? Metric or S.A.E Tools or Both?

How many Lions, Otters, Beavers, and Golden Retrievers do you have? How many personality tests have you and your staff taken? How many staff members do you have? What are their variances in tenure, training, and experience with your company? How diverse are the ages of your staff members? Have you noticed the exact same instructions given with the exact same approach to different members of your team do not get the same results? What is up with that, why do some get it and some do not? Is there a way to help them get it? All of them? There are definitely many ways so come and learn about some of the tools we use to find a lowest common denominator in helping our staff with our toolbox. Instructor: Thad Weikal, CMDSM, Kenneth Copeland Ministries