MAILCOM 2023 Agenda

MONDAY, October 2

7:00am-1:00pm MSMA – CMDSM/CMDSS Exam

7:00am-1:00pm MSMA – Mail Design Consultant Exam

7:00am-1:00pm MSMA – Professional Office Services Exam

12:00-6:00pm Conference Registration Hours

1:00-2:00pm Delegate Orientation / Networking: Getting the Most from Your Conference Attendance. Professional Networking is a must in today’s busy, remote workforce. Your time is valuable so how do you grow your network? Learn Conference networking tips to get the most out of meeting industry peers and making as many connections as possible with instructor Kathy Howell, AVP Client Management, CPMI Solutions

2:00-3:00pm Seminars Round One:

     MS309: Using Technology to Streamline Inbound Receiving

     DM306: Full-Service Mailer Scorecard: How to Avoid Paying Penalties

     SS201: Advancements in Mail Screening

     LD301: Professional Certification: How to Earn a CMDSM, CMDSS, OSP and MDC Credentials

PD207: Address Quality Matters in Parcel Workflows Too!

AM303: Automation in the Print and Mail Industry

IW300: Seamless Acceptance Workshop

3:15-4:15pm Seminars Round Two:

MS101: Mail 101: Sharpen Your Mail Expertise

PM203: Cost Saving Benefits of Informed Visibility (IV) and Secure Destruction (SD)

PP103: Tips & Tricks for Reducing In-House Print & Mail Costs

LD205: Growing from Within: The Importance of Developing Your Staff

OS301: Team Communication in the Workplace

DT203: Digital Mail Management

PE201: How to Apply for a Periodical Mail Permit

4:30-5:30pm Seminars Round Three:

MS209: Managing Intergrated Print and Mail Operations

PM205: Postage Meters: IMI Compliance and What You Need to Know

SS109: Mail & Parcel Screening: How Safe Are You?

LD403: Violence in the Workplace

PD203: Tips and Tricks for Negotiating Best in Class Shipping Rates

OS303: Developing Future Leaders & Managers

GM205: Government Mail Security: A Checklist for Success

5:30-6:30pm Welcoming Reception

TUESDAY, October 3

7:00am-5:00pm Conference Registration Hours

7:00-8:30am Continental Breakfast

8:45-10:00 Keynote Presentation: Postage Rate Outlook
Sharon Owens, Vice President Pricing, U.S. Postal Service

10:00-11:00 Keynote Presentation: The Future of Mail is Here:
How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Revolutionizing the Mailing Industry
Ernie Crawford, President And CEO, Crawford Technologies

11:00am-3:00pm Exhibition Hours

12:00-1:30pm Leadership Luncheon – Carl Banks, Two-Time Super Bowl Champion with the New York Giants

1:30-2:30pm Seminars Round Four:

PM207: Inside Scoop on Postal Rates

DM303: Customer Data: Your Greatest Tool or Hindrance?

PP201: Best Practices of High Performing Print Shops

LD405: A Philosophy in Employee Management

PD301: Flexible Tracking and Distribution Solutions for Packages, Mail, & Much More

AM401: Developing a Health and Safety Plan for Your Organization

PE206: Exceptional Dispatch for Periodical Mail

2:45-3:45pm Seminars Round Five:

MS303: Enterprise Online Postage: The Future of Business Mail

PM303: Importance of Mailpiece Design

DM209: USPS Network Transformation

SS305: Data Security in the Workplace

OS101: Customer Service 101

GM105: Effectively Managing Poor Performers

IW400: Understanding Address Quality Reporting

4:00-5:00pm Seminars Round Six:

DM203: EDDM Mailing Basics: Comprehensive Guide to Every Door Direct Mail

PM209: Building & Maintaining a Postal Program

PP205: Outsourcing Your Print Production?

SS203: The Achilles Heel: Mail as a Security Threat with Easy Access to Your Facility

LD309: TEAMWORK: Building Success One Person at a Time

GM209: Effective Leadership Practices in Government Mail Management

DT205: Digital Mail: Real World Applications in Digitized Distribution

5:30-7:00pm Gala Exhibitor Reception

WEDNESDAY, October 4

7:00am-12:00pm Conference Registration Hours

7:00-8:30am Continental Breakfast

8:45-10:00am Keynote Presentation: Direct Mail – How Personal Can You Get?
Linda Fanaras, CEO, Millennium Agency

10:15-11:15am Seminars Round Seven:

MS201: How to Optimize Your Mail Center Spend

PM309: Benefits of Informed Delivery

PP101: Prepress 101: Print Production Basics

SS303: Understanding the Need for Mail/Parcel Screening

LD303: Virtual Team Building and Management Workshop

OS305: Essential Skills for Today’s Supervisors and Managers Leaders

PE203: Become a Periodical Mailer, Things You Should Know!

11:00am-2:00pm Exhibition Hours

12:00-1:30pm Leadership Luncheon:  Leadership with a Purpose
Timothy Kerner, President, The Millennium Group

1:15-2:15pm Seminars Round Eight:

PM301: Tips & Tricks to Save on Postage

DM205: Benefits of Going Above and Beyond USPS Address Hygiene

SS209: Who Protects Our Mail?

PD205: Package Tracking, Accountability & Productivity

OS109: Creating an Office Services User’s Guide

AM403: Enterprise Postal Governance

IW200: College & University Roundtable/Workshop

2:30-3:30pm Seminars Round Nine:

MS109: Are You Claiming the Best Postage Rate?

LD101: Leadership 101

PD303: Parcel Lockers: Solutions to Manage Incoming Packages and Mail

OS205: Customer Service Program, Making WAVES

GM303: Government Mail Operations Roundtable/Workshop

AM309: Why Psychological Safety is Critical for a High Performing Culture

DT209: Managing Today’s Challenges & Tomorrow’s Uncertainty

3:45pm Final Salute