Mail Systems Management Seminars

The following Mail Systems Management sessions were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Mail Management – The Basics

This session will focus on giving a new Mail Services Manager the information and tools needed to be successful. It will focus on basic mail and distribution knowledge and skills, Professional industry networking organizations, and the various certifications available to professionals in our industry.


Building a Postal Program from Scratch

Come and learn how to build a postal relations program at your company. This presentation is based upon actual experience at OSG Billing Services. Learn how working with your local BMEU, Mailer Scorecard reviews across numerous Crids, the BCG and it’s tools, leveraging MTAC, USPS promotions, how to obtain your own major mailer support analyst, how to handle internal and external questions about USPS, preparing for rate changes, the value of participating in your local PCC and working with staff from other departments in your company (client relations, technical, project management, development, and accounting). Come and learn the importance of leveraging resources provided by vendors to help build your program. Instructor: Robert May, Manager Postal Relations, OSG Billing Services


Sharpen Your Mail Expertise

In an industry that’s continuously evolving and improving, it’s a daunting challenge to stay up to date on best practices. This session will cover the foundation of mailing, which includes classes of mail, processing categories, address requirements and more. Whether you are an expert or a novice, this program will empower you to build on your postal knowledge. Instructors: Christine Erna and Mark Rheaume


Tips For Working Effectively with the USPS

It’s not just what you know but sometimes it’s who you know that’s helpful. Knowing the right person in the right position at the USPS is one of the key elements in forming an effective relationship. Whether it is the BMEU Entry Clerk, the Plant Manager or the District Manager, identifying the proper person to address your specific issue is the beginning. Learn how and where to meet the right person, what information to provide, and how to interact with them in order to have positive resolution to any issues or concerns you have about your mail. Instructor: Jud Thurman, CMDSM, CMDSS, Gospel Minutes Publications


Dealing With Today’s Challenges in Mail Management

Managers need to be flexible and open-minded looking to new resources and solutions to solve their everyday challenges. This course will provide a view of how to get there using the following: Social Networks, Virtual Training, Webinars & White Papers, Professional Memberships and Quality Tools (Six Sigma, 5S, TQM etc.). You will get an industry view of what has become necessary and successful in transitioning from a traditional mail room to a more flexible and productive model. Instructor: Joe Freeman, CMDSM, MDC, MDP, Canon Business Process Services, Inc.


Design Basics for an Effective Mail & Distribution Center

Identifies the essential design steps and analysis necessary in order to create an efficient mail and parcels distribution center for your corporation or university. Addresses ongoing impacts of cultural expectations and needs, security, and business realities in today s world to show how to understand and leverage these change variables to optimize workflow efficiency and client satisfaction. Instructor: Arne Chardukian, IOPC MultiSort Mail and Parcels Solutions.


Lowering the Costs of Your Mail Center Operations

Costs remain high and manpower low, as we are all expected to do more with less people and less budget money. This session will review the methods to lower specific costs in your mail operation. Attendees will learn a step-by-step process to follow and how to put together the results for management evaluation. Instructor: David Day, EDP, Senior Architect and Engineer, Solimar Systems, Inc.


Creating a Mail/Delivery Services Operations Guide

One of the most difficult challenge any operation faces is communicating to the company what services are provided and a service standard for each. Developing and publishing a Standard Operating Procedures manual for mail and delivery services is critical to its success and to ensure that every employee has a document of services rendered. It also benefits in the training process of new employees to learn how things are done and how to operate all the equipment located in the operation center. If you ever considered or are looking at creating an operations guide then this session is for you.


Round ‘Em Up and Get ‘Em Out!: A How to Guide for Mailer Decisions

This class will provide a step-by-step series on deciding the best method for sending out your vital business communications. The speaker will touch upon when is it best to send electronic, and when hard copy is needed, based on several options mandated by Sender choice, legal compliance and other decisions based on customer relations. Share some of your decisions and success stories and learn from others. Instructor: Joe Freeman, CMDSM, MDC, MDP, Canon Business Process Services, Inc.