Leadership Development Seminars

The following Leadership/Staff Development sessions were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Manage Up: Train Your Boss for Greater Operational Success

The majority of mail service professionals work for a boss who does not have a background in mail. Bosses wonder, “What’s so hard about mail? Why do we get complaints? Why can’t mail pay for itself, or can it? Is mail really a profession that requires training and development … it’s just the mail?” Come and learn how to educate/train your boss and the importance of getting their buy-in. Learn techniques to get what you need when the person paying for it doesn’t understand the business. Understand what you have in common with your boss: “manage stuff”, “leading people”, “protecting & applying assets ($)”, “accomplishing the mission” and their importance. Instructor: Brian Manthe, Director of Business Services, University of Pennsylvania


Leadership: Moving Forward

Positive leadership is conveying the idea that there is always a way to move the organization forward. It is so important because that is what we look to leaders to figure out: how to move the organization forward. Instructor: Doug Rogers, MCOM, CMDSM, MDC, New York Life Insurance


Can You Discipline Without Punishment?

Motivating and correcting team members, without using fear or punishment is a key skill set in developing a self-motivated, punctual, productive team. Instructor: Thad Weikal, CMDSM, Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Cultivating Skills to Grow as an Informal Leader

Many people are looked to as leaders within a company or department even if they aren’t officially part of the management team. Encouraging employees to learn a leadership skill in specific areas of expertise builds a strong office support team with a built in succession plan. This session will explore a variety of resources to help your team hone their professional skills to become effective future leaders! Instructor: Sally Pfabe, CMDSS, Vice President, Business Development, BrightKey, Inc.


Customer Support = Customer Care

It doesn’t matter how great your technology solutions are if you can’t help your customers use them. Providing excellent customer support for technology products can be challenging when your customers have varying levels of technical know how. Let’s talk about the different types of customers who require support and ways to wow them, starting with empathy and ending in reduced frustration. Instructor: Carly Brown, Customer Support Manager, Click2Mail


Developing Leadership Skills from Within

Today’s business leaders influence employee’s decisions and assist them in reaching their goals. Rather than direct and dictate, they inspire and motivate. Come and learn the importance of understanding the characteristics of a future leader and how to cultivate they from within your own organization. Instructor: Floyd Creecy, CMDSM, EMCM, MDC, HeiTECH Services, Inc.


A Philosophy in Employee Management

Join author Nick Staffieri as he shares his 30 years of knowledge and experience in managing employee relationships. Learn how to build great relationships with employees by building character and establishing trust. This engaging session will outline how proven methods and philosophies motivate employees to respond to your leadership. These proven methodologies have a proven track record of success and can be your solution to managing your team to success. Instructor: Nick Staffieri, CMDSM, Director of Operations, DOCUXCEL


Leadership and Management Success at Every Level

An interactive journey into the heart of leadership where you will learn it’s OK to have a little fun at work. You will learn how to establish an internal mentoring program and how leaders can utilize the simple principles behind the ABC’s of leadership to become more successful. Instructor: Margie Mitchell, CMDSM, Enterprise Account Manager, UPS Mail Innovations


Moving from Manager to Leader

You know the basics now learn how to take your operation to the next level. In today’s world the bar is constantly being raised and it requires an advanced understanding in business and operations management to ensure survival and achieve excellence. In this presentation learn how to move beyond the role of manager to leader. Find out what it takes to be a successful manager and the key to motivating your employees and inspiring them to perform at their highest level for the TEAM’s success. Instructor: Jim Barlow, Jr, CMDSM, EMCM, MDP, MDC, President, Mail Systems Management Consultants


Getting Comfortable in Public Speaking Situations

Fear of speaking in public is very common. Whether it is a simple presentation to fellow employees or a speech given to a large gathering at a conference, tips for being more confident and comfortable in front of an audience can be enormously helpful. Step outside of your comfort zone and embrace public speaking techniques to build your confidence and shine at your next presentation. Instructor: Sally Pfabe, CMDSS, Vice President, Business Development, BrightKey, Inc.