International Mail

The following International Mail seminars were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Taking the Mystery Out of International Mailing

Outgoing international mail can be sent via USPS (and handed off to a foreign mail operator after clearing customs in the destination country) or mailed directly in another country. Learn the options and how they affect delivery and return. This presentation covers the common problem points for most mailers including address structure, permissible items, customs, international business reply, transit time to country expectations and what happens when the mail is not deliverable.


International Addressing Requirements for Shipping Successfully to Foreign Customers

International UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) Mail is an expensive problem for mailers and delivery companies. The elements of addresses, their length and placement in addresses vary around the world. This presentation will provide examples of addresses in a number of countries and look at what is required for accurate with capture, storage and printing of proper international addresses formats, including recommendations on the space required in databases and on labels or envelopes. Instructor: Merry Law, President, WorldVu LLC


International Shipping with the USPS

In today’s global economy, international shipping has become an increasingly larger part of the mix. In this session you’ll get an overview of USPS shipping options, including details on new service offerings. We’ll also cover classification issues and other helpful information to make international shipping easier and less costly. Instructor: Barry Burns, International Product Manager, United States Postal Service


Customs Efficiency for Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction

A better understanding of the customs process can lead to greater internal efficiency in handling potentially dutiable packages. Best practices in conjunction with USPS guidelines will streamline workflow and improve delivery. What should your organization do to expedite sending dutiable packages? learn the answers that will help you increase your efficiencies and improve delivery. Instructor: Merry Law, President, WorldVu LLC


Breaking Bad: How the USPS & Commercial Carriers Receive and Transport Deadly Materials

The session will address the increased use of USPS and commercial carriers to transport drugs from overseas markets into the United States and how its use impacts internal mail handling and visual screening operations and safety precautions. We will discuss the increased need for mail handlers to use personal protective equipment and for enhanced visual screening protocols and training. Attendees will participate in active discussions on the topics of visual screening, the use of PPE, and how proper training is the most effective tool in the mail security arsenal. Instructor: Marshall Keith James, Director of Training, JGW Group