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“… promoting the advancement of the art and science of mail communications …”

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For over 40 years MAILCOM has served as the leading authority for mail communications and distribution management serving executives and managers from the leading corporations, governments, and institutions.

They manage the mail communications for their organizations including mail printing, processing and distribution services.

It’s All About You And Your Company

You and your company are the center of the mail communications industry. Developing your management knowledge, technical skills, professionalism, and networking so you can do a better job is what MAILCOM is all about.

world-trade-center-aerial-photo-march-2001That idea was born in 1982 at a meeting in the World Trade Center that would become known as the first MAILCOM,  and it had big implications. Around those who manage mail and distribution operations everything else revolves — vendors, technology, and service providers.

They exist for you and your company. But until MAILCOM came on the scene, the industry was centered on vendors or service providers.

Over 100,000 Professionals Educated

MAILCOM changed that. Run by and for industry professionals, MAILCOM flourished to become the world’s largest educational convention for mail communications management. Over 100,000 executives and managers who manage mail systems in corporations, institutions, and government — or run their own company — have been part of the MAILCOM educational experience.

Learning From Real Leaders

That experience begins with meeting real leaders who have excelled in their career. Hearing how they overcame hurdles, learning their leadership secrets has motivated countless professionals. “This conference changed my life” is a refrain heard thousands of times from MAILCOM attendees.

Delivering Actionable Information

The heart of MAILCOM are the educational sessions, training programs, and certification opportunities. Striving to be independent and non-commercial, MAILCOM seminars deliver the nuts and bolts information managers need to improve productivity and service in their organizations — objective, actionable information. Many times the instructors are veteran professionals who have been in the same situations you face. Other times, the answer comes from a colleague you happen to be sitting next to.

Technology Exhibition

Called “The Big Show” by attendees because of the diversity of products offered, the MAILCOM Exhibition puts you in touch with the leading equipment, software, and technology vendors. The latest technology you need for printing, processing and distribution of mail communications can be found at MAILCOM. And shopping around can mean finding the best products and contracts at the lowest price for your company.

YOU Are The Focus

MAILCOM does all of this and more — from annual awards to management certificate programs and professional certification. Everything we do begins and ends with serving you, the professional manager, so you can better serve your organization.

Delivering You Knowledge To Act

MAILCOM is where the top executives and managers go to learn, network, and gain the knowledge to successfully manage their operation. Numerous educational opportunities are available to customize your experience:

Educational Sessions — These one-hour, information packed courses focus on specific issues. Presented by credentialed experts in their field, sessions are available for experienced managers and beginners alike.

Training — Offered during session hours, training courses offer hands-on information in specific areas of printing, processing, and distribution of mail communications.

Certificate Programs — For the achiever, these programs enable you to take five core subjects in any given area and earn a certificate signifying your completion.

Master Certification In Mail Communications (MCOM) — After attaining a minimum of ten certificates (three mandatory and seven optional), you are eligible to receive the MCOM designation.


Keynote Presentations — Top leaders from the worlds of business, sports, and politics provide a rare opportunity to learn how to succeed and stay on top. Top leaders in the mail industry are also featured, providing insights not available elsewhere.

Networking Functions — Throughout the MAILCOM convention are opportunities for you to meet colleagues in like fields so you can carry on the conversation after the conference is over.

Professional Development — MAILCOM sets aside sessions at each event that focus on showing you how to attain professional accreditation such as MCOM, CMDSM, CMDSS, and MDC.

Excellence Recognition — The top leaders in the industry are recognized each year and available for you to meet.

Empower Your Organization

Get started now improving your mail and distribution operations. Learn how business communications can become strategic corporate tools for your organization.

Since our first conference in the World Trade Center in 1982, MAILCOM has shown you the future of mail — and your career. And that is exactly what we will do again this year.

I hope you join us!

Best regards,

Lance Humphries, CMDSM, MCOM
Managing Director