Where Mail Began, It’s Future Unfolds

There is no more appropriate place for MAILCOM ’17 then Philadelphia, the city where the United States Postal Service began. You will learn about the future of mail in the city where it all began!

Bring a guest to MAILCOM ’17 and they can enjoy the sights with you (or while you are in session). A special guest pass of $125 will let your guest come to the meal and networking functions as well.

The City of Brotherly Love is the home of the American Revolution, where the states united to declare independence and establish the U.S. Mail.

You can visit the place it all happened — Independence Hall — as well as numerous other sites of interest to the mail industry including these two favorites:

  1. The Franklin Institute — the incredible science museum dedicated to Benjamin Franklin. He was, of course, not just the first Postmaster General, but the most famous American who began his career as a printer. Just steps away from the MAILCOM convention, the Franklin Institute offers an amazing display of science that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The new robotics exhibit is something to see … (click for details)
  2. Franklin Court Printing Office — the National Park Service has a great replica of Franklin’s printing shop as well as a new museum dedicated to the visionary. The exhibit shows the power of the printed word in the American Revolution and how printing was key to its success … (click for details)


Of course, there is more than just mail history in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Set aside time to see the Liberty Bell, the National Constitutional Center, The Bourse, the Betsy Ross House, and one of our favorities … the USS New Jersey, now resting in the Delaware River!

Bring a guest with you to the show so they can enjoy all Philadelphia has to offer. Special guest meal passes can be purchased. Information is sent to you after you have registered.

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