Office Services Management

The following Office Service Management seminars were featured at MAILCOM ’19:


Prove the Worth of the Mail Center with Excellent Customer Service

The “good enough” customer service trend is changing with companies acknowledging that they can no longer lose billions of dollars to poor customer care. In an atmosphere where customer service has been on the decline, make your Mail Center stand out by delivering an exceptional customer experience. Join us to explore ways to prove the value of your Mail Center operation with best-in-class customer service. Instructor: Sally Pfabe, CMDSS, Vice President, Business Development, BrightKey, Inc.


Digital Mail: Real World Applications in Digitized Distribution

Digital Mail is an initiative that when deployed in mailrooms can have a tremendous impact across the business enterprise. This course will provide attendees with the next step in planning to convert to a digital environment. The benefits outlined will include green initiatives, shipping and handling, labor reduction, and costs associated with moving and re-forwarding of mail. Instructor: Joe Freeman, CMDSM, MDC, MDP, Canon Business Process Services, Inc.


What Happens to the Midas Touch When it Comes to Customer Services?

Has your operations lost its focus on customer service… then this session is for you. Losing touch with our customers brings on a host of issues and problems that can be avoided when you focus on service levels and keeping everyone informed. This session will show you how to elevate customer services back into your operations in spite of downsizing, lay-off, etc. Instructor: Bernnie Hunter, Supervisor, Phillips 66


Streamline Your Operation For Free!

Come and learn how to use email technology to create a system that will digitally streamline your operation. Best practices and procedures to ensure accountability will be covered in this new technology driven session. Instructor: John Rivas, MCOM, Mail & Copy Center Manager, Douglas Elliman


How to Excel and Thrive in Today’s Changing Workplace

Finding your place and understanding your role in today’s workplace is not easy. Being able to thrive and excel are even more difficult, this session with present techniques and suggestions to allow you to thrive in your work environment. Instructor: Mark Hale, CMDSM, CMDSS, OMG, LLC


How to Write Effective Operating Procedures

Documenting the appropriate steps needed to complete a particular activity or job effectively is an integral part of a successful quality operation. If you have outdated, generic or no written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), this presentation will show you how to write SOPs that are concise and effective for your specific operation so that each step of every task is followed in a proven and effective manner every time. Effective SOPs will result in fewer errors and waste, increased productivity, reduced risk of injury and loss, and meeting service requirements. In addition, training new employees will be less disruptive and more efficient. Instructor: Jim Barlow, Jr, CMDSM, EMCM, MDP, MDC, President, Mail Systems Management Consultants


The Importance of Corporate & Personal Business Ethics

Business Ethics are seemingly a constant news story, unfortunately related to breach of ethics.  This session will provide information for a greater understanding of the role and importance of ethics in daily practices.  Participants will take away areas of their organization and personal conduct to examine in regards to good ethics business practices. Instructor: Mark Hale, CMDSM, CMDSS, OMG, LLC


Professionalism in Office Service Operations

This session will review in depth the do’s and don’ts of presenting yourself to be successful in today’s business world. The materials go far beyond appearance to provide insight into elements we are all judged upon each day to include business etiquette, accountability, integrity and more.