Sixteen Focused Areas Of Study

Come to MAILCOM ’18 and earn a Management Certificate in one of sixteen areas of specialized study. Delegates who attend at least six (6) designated sessions, plus the designated keynotes, and have their participation certified by the proctor will receive a certificate signifying completion. If a track has less than six courses, you must attend all of the courses in that track.

Full conference registrants can receive two certificates. The same rules apply as working towards one certificate. Past conference attendees can use previous credits towards a certificate if they submit the partially completed form with the appropriate proctor validation stamps for the same discipline.

In 2018 the following management certificates will be available (see course listings at left):

+ Mail Systems Management
+ Safety & Security
+ Address/Data Management
+ Full Service/Mailer’s Scorecard
+ Mail Printing & Processing
+ Postal Mail Management
+ Leadership/Staff Development
+ Delivery & Distribution
+ Incoming Mail/Remittance Processing
+ Professional Development
+ College & University Management
+ Office Services
+ International Mail
+ Outsourcing & Contract Management
+ Government Mail
+ Professional Certification

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