Keynote General Sessions

These fast-paced keynotes are general sessions held Tuesday and Wednesday morning, one-after-the-other, giving you lots of useful information.


FOCUS: Critical Industry Issues

Outlook 2023:
Paper, Postage & Other Industry Challenges

The post-COVID world is creating shock waves the likes of which the printing and mailing industries have not seen in decades. Paper shortages, skyrocketing costs, and postage rate hikes are hitting the industry now and there’s more in store for 2023! Come hear the forecast for paper, postage and distribution costs for the coming months and year ahead, plus other insights on what the future holds for printers and mailers. Presented by Francis Ruggiero, Chief Editor, MAIL Magazine

What The Mail Industry Faces

Interactive discussion of important issues facing the mail industry. Topics include postage increases, promotions, planned USPS network transformation, legislation and PRC issues, and supply chain challenges. We will also talk about how to get involved with Industry Associations – identifying the necessary resources. Presented by Deborah Damore, Postal Affairs & Operations Manager, LSC Communications

Mail Just Works: Learn Why and How It Remains Relevant

Come learn why mail still works today. The presentation how mail works to drive responses and generate ROI when used by itself and in conjunction with other media channels (E-mail, Social media, etc.) to supplement it effectively. Finally, throughout the session, attendees will gain insight into working with their internal partners to “sell” mail effectively and strategically to drive print and other core functions they also manage. Presented by Christine Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions LLC and Mark Rheaume, Ricoh Digital Services

Mail Meets the Web: Keeping Direct Mail Relevant in an Online World

Direct mail remains an essential channel in a marketing campaign, but it is at its best when coordinated with other channels. The fast-paced session will explain the rules and tools of multi-channel marketing – QR codes, PURLs, Informed Visibility, web landing pages, email and more – and present a process for tying them together into an effective coordinated campaign with direct mail at its heart. This session explains the what’s, why’s, and hows of multi-channel marketing. Attendees will leave this session prepared to execute their own multi-channel campaign. Presented by Dave Lewis, President, SnailWorks


FOCUS: Leadership/Management

Effective Leadership Practices

Acceptable and significant risk factors connected to underperforming global projects affect organizational innovation success, innovation preparedness, and strategic development. Along with these factors effective leadership adds an additional layer of risk. Therefore, employing management and leadership best practices can facilitate successful innovations by reducing inefficiencies, prevent surprises, and mitigate risks. Additionally, applying emotional intelligence provides leaders with the ability to understand and adapt to environmental and organizational change, manage, and integrate leadership as part of professional life based on organizational needs while creating leaders for the future. Presented by Floyd Creecy, CMDSM, MDC, HeiTech Services

Building Success One Person at a Time

Learn how to develop powerful teams within your organization. See how to build a workplace culture that celebrates teamwork by respecting and utilizing the talent, skills, and abilities of everyone within your business. You will learn how to enhance teamwork by developing common goals, defining a clear vision, establishing defined roles, engaging in shared concerns, understanding the interdependency of each team member, ensuring continuous communications, and communication skills. If you work with other people or need the people in your organization to be able to work together, this program will help to foster a culture of understanding, respect, and mutual cooperation. Presented by Mark Kremen, MS and Robert “Bob” Kane, Training Unlimited, LLC

Team Communication in the Workplace

Because work has become so complex, no-one person has all the skills or knowledge to achieve all that we want to accomplish. As a result, interdisciplinary teams have become required in many fields. There is even a science in how to manage and communicate with teams, and processes that make collaborations more efficient and successful. Has this changed as Teams work remotely during the Pandemic? This session will share the Six Things that Functional Teams do well – including Clear Communication, Conflict Resolution and Setting Clear Goals. Presented by Barbara Fahy, MDC, OSPC, Managing Director, AOSP

Managing Today’s Challenges & Tomorrow’s Uncertainty

Given the changing landscape today’s leaders are forced to make decisions to provide a safe yet flexible platform for business operations. The physical need for daily execution has changed. Virtual access and internet tools made physical presence optional. Define what is a “Need for presence” versus changes for being “in office”. Disciplines redefined to achieve basic output and productivity Discuss attendees’ challenges post pandemic Last: How to prepare for the next big impact event? Presented by industry veteran Joe Freeman, CMDSM.