MAILCOM 19 Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program allows industry vendors to sponsor a MAILCOM delegate. The vendor designates their Fellow and that person is then registered for MAILCOM ’19, the world’s largest educational event for mail communications management.

You pay NO fees to register for the MAILCOM ’19 Convention and enjoy full benefits as a paid delegate as part of the MAILCOM Fellowship Program.

As a full delegate, you receive access to all keynotes, seminars and workshops as well as all networking and meal functions and the exhibition hall during the convention, which will be held April 8-10, 2019 at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

Your vendor can participate in this program either as an exhibitor or a non-exhibitor. You need to contact your vendor representative and request they sponsor you.

Here’s how it works:

Vendors Exhibiting At MAILCOM ’19

Each exhibiting vendor is entitled to name one Fellow to receive a full registration. There is no cost for the vendor or the attendee. For two or more Fellows, the cost to the vendor is $745 per attendee.

Non-Exhibiting Vendors

Non-exhibiting vendors are entitled to name up to ten Fellows to receive a full registration. The cost for each registration is $795.

Get Started Early!

You can contact the vendor directly and share a link to this page. Or, you can complete the form below and MAILCOM will notify your vendor of the request. Once a completed registration form is received, we will notify you.